WP ULike Premium 1.8 Pro Full Version

WP Ulike Premium is a WordPress plugin that is useful for providing voting on posts by bringing in like and dislike buttons to attract attention. In this way, website owners can determine the quality of the content of the posts. The plugin can be used not only for posts, but also for all types of content such as BuddyPress activity, bbPress topics, WooCommerce products, and much more.

WP ULike Pro has some very interesting features and is an essential plugin to make a website look professional. With a very simple interface and easy-to-understand setting panel features, this plugin is very easy to operate for new users. Users can also choose from over 30 templates that can be applied according to their preferences.

The comprehensive Statistics feature can track all Like and Dislike interactions provided by users. All reports can be viewed in the form of statistics and graphs, pie charts, and other formats, making it easy to view and read all visitor activities.

WP ULike Premium also supports Elementor, which fully supports the builder and widgets and controllers that can be adjusted and customized according to your preferences.

In addition, WP ULike Premium features also include forms with many controls and flexibility, plus Schema markup features to enhance website SEO quality by adding easy-to-manage and customizable Schema, users can easily generate customized Rich Snippets.

The Share Buttons feature allows content to be shared via Pinterest, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more to be shared. For this Premium version, it is already compatible with Elementor to build pages and content to look more professional, so users can add and customize Like and Dislike buttons for each part such as Posts, Comments, activities, and more.

Download WP ULike Premium 1.8 Premium Full Version

Features WP ULike Premium Latest Full Version:

  • Like and Dislike voting with subtotal
  • Advanced Settings Panel with flexible Backup options
  • Choose between simple or responsive plugin design
  • Support for Rest API with various routes
  • Generator and Rating
  • AJAX-based Login, Registration, Reset Password, and Edit Profile forms
  • Avatar upload
  • Progressive Log Management Panel
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Database optimization panel
  • +30 Carefully Designed Premium Templates
  • Anonymize IP option
  • Support for myCred Plugin (Gamification, Ranks, Points, Rewards, Loyalty, Badges)
  • Statistics Panel with Date Range and Status controls
  • Notifications System
  • Shortcode
  • Support for Cache Plugins: LiteSpeed, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, and more.

Download WP ULike Premium 1.8 Premium Full Version:


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