WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium 34.5 Pro Full Version

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium is a WordPress plugin that allows you to associate one or more tracking URLs and codes to each order, making it easier to track purchased packages. By using this plugin, buyers can easily track their orders. Additionally, the features within it can link shipping companies and tracking numbers to each order.

WCST can display tracking information (Company URL and tracking code) directly in the “Completed Order” email and “View Order” page, making it very helpful for buyers to know the status of their purchase. Customers only need to click the generated link by WCST to easily track their purchased orders.

With the tracking URL, it can automatically redirect to the company website where customers can automatically track the shipping status according to the associated tracking code. Additionally, there is a feature that makes it easy to add tracking information to WooCommerce orders for editing orders or viewing the orders list on the orders page.

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium supports over 400 leading shipping providers with predefined tracking links, making it easy for buyers or website developers to track their purchases. Additionally, it allows for importing tracking information from CSV files with a user-friendly interface, and the ability to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk from CSV files, which saves time and eliminates the need to repeatedly copy and paste tracking numbers to orders.

There are many available shipping services, including local shipping providers, making it easy to track shipments. Customizable email templates are available, making it easy to send emails to customers, and you can even customize the shipping provider. The automated feature included in the Premium version allows for manually adding tracking numbers to orders if there are any issues with the shipping provider’s system. Additionally, there is 24/7 premium support.

Download WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium 34.5 Premium Full Version

Features WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium Latest Full Version:

  • Support for 400+ shipping providers
  • Optimization of Order Fulfillment Workflow
  • Tracking Info Widget
  • Adding Tracking Information to Orders
  • Adding Multiple Tracking Numbers to the Same Order
  • Fulfilling Orders When Adding Tracking Numbers
  • Shipment Tracking API
  • Importing Tracking Info from CSV Files
  • Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Tracking per Item
  • Custom Email Templates with Responsive Tracking Widget
  • Custom Shipped Order Status
  • API Provider Name Mapping
  • API Automations
  • Custom Shipping Providers
  • White Labeling the Shipping Providers
  • Automatically Detecting Shipping Providers
  • Exporting Tracking Info to PayPal
  • Premium Support
  • Tracking Shipment Progress Status with Timeline on Site

Download WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Premium 34.5 Premium Full Version:


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