Square WooCommerce Extension Premium 3.6 Pro Full Version

Square WooCommerce Extension is a plugin that can synchronize sales, inventory, and customer data, manage all your channels through one platform, making it more practical and simple, plus it provides a unified payment solution across all channels, allowing for payments with an integrated system.

The design is very simple and easy to operate, even for new users, making the Square WooCommerce Extension Pro plugin very suitable for installation on websites as it can make direct payments during sales.

Square WooCommerce Extension Pro can accept payments anywhere, anytime, whether by debit or credit. The Square WooCommerce Extension Premium plugin also provides end-to-end encryption and payment processing that complies with PCI-DSS compliance standards without any PCI fees with the latest security. Square WooCommerce Extension Pro also accepts digital wallets when checking out, which is supported by Apple Pay® and Google Pay.

Visitors can also securely store payment methods as they are fully encrypted and can be saved for identification when selecting payment methods. There are also detailed reporting features and support for WooCommerce Subscription and Pre-Order features.

Square WooCommerce Extension Pro can manually synchronize products from WooCommerce to Square WooCommerce or vice versa without the need for double item settings. When a visitor buys an item, the inventory will automatically synchronize on both platforms, saving time and being more efficient.

With this synchronization, users can automatically add to Square, such as creating and updating new products in WooCommerce, and changes in product names and prices will be automatically synchronized in WooCommerce and Square.

This plugin also brings tools and resources available to improve businesses to grow quickly. In addition, Dispute security is also available on Square ii for each transaction, which will be assisted by expert teams to process a payment with the buyer’s bank. There is also a Dispute management menu with a modern and easy-to-operate Dispute dashboard.

Square WooCommerce Extension Pro also has security technology that has been designed with the latest security systems to keep customers safe and secure.

Download Square WooCommerce Extension Premium 3.6 Pro Full Version

Features Square WooCommerce Extension Premium Latest Full Version:

  • Support for digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others
  • Saving cards and payment methods
  • Latest report display
  • Payment disputes
  • Protection against fraud
  • Account takeover protection
  • Advanced and latest security system
  • PCI-Compliance
  • Clear pricing policy.

Download Square WooCommerce Extension Premium 3.6 Pro Full Version:


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