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Download Deep Freeze Standard 8.63 Premium Pro Full Version + Key

Download Deep Freeze Standard 8.63 Premium Pro Full Version + Key

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard is useful software designed to prevent any changes or settings on the computer system, so that when the computer is restarted, all changes or settings will be restored when the Freeze Standard (Freeze Mode) is reactivated. This application is perfect for public computers that are frequently used by the public or Windows OS users who do not want to be exposed to viruses in the C: Drive system.

Deep Freeze Standard Pro Full Version has advanced features in securing the system as it can restore it to its previous state. So, if a virus enters the system, Deep Freeze can restore it before being exposed to the virus when the computer is restarted. Deep Freeze Standard 8.60 supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Other features include the ability to schedule when the system will be frozen, eliminating the need to manually freeze the system. The very simple interface makes Deep Freeze Standard easy to understand and navigate. In this latest version, its security system is also enhanced and not easily bypassed by other applications.

With the addition of password features, Deep Freeze cannot be opened by just anyone; only users who can make settings. Deep Freeze Standard is a highly suitable application and should be installed if you want your computer to be more secure from various threats that could damage the operating system or from hacker attacks that typically embed trojans in Windows systems.

Features Deep Freeze Standard Premium Pro:

  • Bug Fixes
  • All premium pro features can be used
  • Bug Fixes
  • All premium pro features can be used
  • Selecting the frozen hard disk so its settings cannot be changed (Suitable for file systems like disk C:)
  • Advanced maintenance scheduling
  • Creating several installers customized with different configurations
  • Locking the disk to prevent tampering by someone
  • Securing the disk from actions that could cause changes
  • Protection of the master boot record (MBR) from rootkit injections, making your security truly robust.
  • Windows updates are easier to automate
  • Can detect when updates are complete and automatically return the computer to a frozen state.
  • System freezing for security against viruses and hackers
  • No ads/sponsorships
  • Without ads/sponsorship

Download Deep Freeze Standard 8.63 Premium Pro:

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